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These People Makes Some Jokes On Cancer. Whoa!

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That Awkward Moments... When Your GF Little Sister is Prettier

In This Episode Of Photo Library, We've Brought You Some Amazing And Funny Awkward Moments Memes That You Have Surely Faced Sometimes In Your Life, Like When You Walk Out Of Your Office and People Are Asking "What's Wrong With The Network" Or When You're Confused Or Driving A Car Or Your Parents Are Watching Your Computer With You Or You Met With A Celebrity. Please Comment The Ones You Have Faced.

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Jokes On Our Politicians.. Lampoons Must Read

Below is a Collection of the Funniest Late-Night Jokes Lampooning Politicians. Just have Fun

"Bill Clinton revealed that he now supports same-sex marriage,even though he opposed it during hispresidency.To be fair, during his presidency,  he also opposed his own marriage."

Hillary Clinton brings out a Russian hat during her speech at Yale University and honored the school's tradition of wearing over-the-top hats. — NBC News (@NBCNews) May 21, 20180/3 Continue

When You See It...

Wait And Watch For Some Moments And You'll Find Strange In these Pictures. Look From Top to Down, Left to Right and in Corners. When You See It You'll Say Yes I Got It!

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22 Dank Memes Stolen Today From Internet

Who Creates Memes, We Don't Know But Everybody Love These. These Are 22 Dank Memes Which We Succeeded To Stole On Today. Enjoy

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17 Yrs. old kid Dimitrios Pagourtzis: People Reactions

The shooter’s name is Dimitrios Pagourtzis. At least 8 people were killed — mostly students — and at least 9 are in the hospital for treatment. Police have confirmed they found explosives in and near Santa Fe High School, where up to 10 people were shot dead; the suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis.
 If you look him up on Facebook, there’s already some idiot that created a fake profile with a photoshopped picture of the shooter with a “Hillary 2016” hat on. Created 7 minutes ago. People are sick.

The fake Facebook profile purporting to be Texas shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis has been taken down ... and almost immediately, a new fake Facebook page emerged under the same name.

1. Texas high school shooting suspect identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, according to law enforcement  sources confirm law enforcement is searching property related to the suspected gunman

2. 1. Another symbol that the Santa Fe shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis posted on Facebook…

132-Pound Ovarian Tumor Removed From a Mexican Woman in Connecticut

A 132-pound Ovarian Tumor Was Off From A 38-year-old Connecticut Lady This Year, According To 2 Doctors Concerned Within The Case.

The patient, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that the tumor began growing at a rate of about 10 pounds per week in November. A medical team, including 12 surgeons, removed it in a five-hour procedure February 14 at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, according to Dr. Vaagn Andikyan, a gynecologic oncologist for Western Connecticut Health Network and a lead surgeon on the case.
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Bad Tattoos: This "Dragon" Came From A Shop That Charges $150/hr.

Oh, They're Awful. Local Shops Run Specials Like "20% Off Your Ink Ink Cover Up". But They're A Tattoo Shop That Tries To Be Like Hooters. Like "Ooh Come Get Tattooed By A Girl! All The Tattoo Artists Are Girls!" But Instead Of Getting Good Artists Who Are Women, They Just Hired Their Friends And Let Them Tattoo People With No Training. It's Terrible. This Tattoo Was Done By The Owner.

1. Acab = "All Cops Are B@d"?

Ahh, So In That Case The Flowery Vine Thing Accents That Sentiment Perfectly Then!
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Your Picture! They Just Ruined It...PhotoBomb

See Weekly Massive Photobombs Photos. Massive Photobombs Are A Weekly Series Of Posts That Feature The Best And The Funniest Photobombs Pics.
 My Friend's Photobomb

0/9 Continue It Seems That Whenever Women Take A Group Photo Their Collective Hormones Create A Small Area Of Intensified Gravity. This Is Too Funny!

These Two Girls Simply Recording A Video But Suddenly They Found An Uninvited Creature

This Is All Right. Nobody Has Problem Taking Or Making Video Of Their Own. These Girls Are Doing the Same Thing Here But Suddenly First Girl Feel Something Uninvited Creature Which Makes Her Scream.


Today, Someone On My Fb Feed Finally Noticed What A Meme Is. My First Natural Response...

Image Macro=/= Meme. A Meme Can Be Text Alone, Like "Frosted B*tts". Not All Memes Are Image Macros, And Not All Image Macros Are Memes. Exactly! The Wide Spreading And General Acceptance Of Something Make It A Meme. People On Facebook Who Take A Random Picture And Overlay Text On Top Of It Are Making Image Macros Since The Large Majority Of Them Aren't Aware Of Memes.
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Shocking Photos Of Amber Rose: Then Vs Now

Amber Rose Has Actually Responded To A Transformation Within The Spotlight Together With Her Completely Different Lover Interests. However, We've Rounded Up A Couple Of Photos From Her Distant Past That May Show You Ways A Lot Of A Makeover Modification She's Very Responded To. Ever Detected Of Amber Rose, The Long-haired Brunette? We Have Got The Photographs.Continue


Remember This Child From Harry Potter? He Has Grownup Insanely Handsome Now!

Ah... That Child With Crazy Teeth. The One Who Captured A Corner In Every Potterhead's Heart. It Absolutely Was Then When We Wont To Go Gaga For That Innocent Face And Each Action He Performed. And, Anyone Can Fall In Love Even More After They See Him Now.yes, I'm Talking Regarding Your Favorite Marcus Flint. Remembered?Continue Continue