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Discomfort and Pain in the Penis or Testicles.... You May Developing Hydroceles

Discomfort and Pain in the Penis or Testicles... You May Developing Hydroceles

Hydroceles may develop due to injury in the scrotum, like cycling, playing football, Zudo or baseball. The inflammation may be caused by an infection inflammation or tumors of your testicles, Normally Hydroceles development is common in men rather women. The cause is not known in most of the cases. Hydroceles are caused when something is wrong with one of the testicles

Hydroceles usually occurs when the channel through which the testicles descend has not closed in all the way or reopens. This can cause fluid to move from the abdomen into the scrotum. Hydroceles are commonly painless soft swelling and may be either present at birth or develop later. A very large majority of hydroceles present at birth resolve spontaneously by one year of age but if this still present after one year of age generally warrant surgical correction

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