Unexpected and Ontime Selfie Expects That Internet Would Find You

I Love Her Expression! A+ Effort On The Selfie!

Elephant Not Only Gives Tourists A Ride But Helps Them With Their Selfie Stick.

Well-Timed Selfie.

Should have expected that the internet would find your girlfriend Nice because she's a girl.

I miss Spice. 

He should get unannounced cameos now and then for press conferences.

The only acceptable reason to own and use a selfie stick

Now this is a Russian selfie

When you take a selfie with your kids on a carnival swing ride

And the third kid is going so fast she's creating sparks

He looks beaten.

My dad took a selfie in front of this man with a "Stop taking selfies" t-shirt on. 

A selfie in the police van by young Russians arrested 

at the anti-corruption rally

The only guy not smiling clearly has that face we've all had before "What am I going to 
tell my parents?"

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